Sealey Space Warmer Heater

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  • Clean burning
  • Fitted with safety cut-out
  • Complies with rigorous standards

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Sealey Space Warmer Heater 
Sealey Space Warmer Heater has a specially designed burner head in a stainless steel combustion chamber that ensures a more thorough burn of fuel which means more excellent fuel economy and maximum heating effect. It will operate on paraffin/kerosene or diesel, however, diesel doesn’t burn as cleanly. The compressor unit is protected by an extra-large filter.

Features of Sealey Space Warmer Heater 
Sealey Space Warmer Heaters will operate for between 8-14 hours on a single fuel fill and are fitted with a flame-out device which cuts the fuel supply when the flame is inadvertently extinguished. They are manufactured to comply with rigorous standards and built to survive life in any environment, no matter how demanding.