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Wagner Leopard 35-70 Pneumatic Airless Sprayer

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  • High-pressure piston pump
  • User friendly and has the highest safety standards
  • Ideally suited for the entire range of industrial applications


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Wagner Leopard 35-70 Airless
Wagner Leopard 35-70 Airless is a stainless-steel, high-pressure piston pump for airless and AirCoat applications. This finishing piston pump is user friendly and has the highest safety standards.

Who is The Wagner Leopard 35-70 Airless for?
Wagner Leopard 35-70 Airless is ideally suited for the entire range of industrial applications from small operations to large industrial plants. This machine can process solvent based, water based and 1&2 component materials, primers, fillers, topcoats and separating agents.

Benefits of The Wagner Leopard 35-70 Airless
The Wagner Leopard 35-70 Airless is reliable, durable, and versatile. The use of stainless steel, hard chrome plated piston rods and valve seats made of hard metal ensures a very long service life of the pump regardless of the material used. They have long lasting parts and the quick disassembly reduce and simplify the effort required for maintenance work. Also, thanks for the extremely fast and sensitive switching valves, the pumps operate with very low pulsation even at low working pressures.

How do I know my Pump is going to work?
When you purchase a Spray Pump from Elmbridge UK we will have fully assembled and tested it before it is dispatched to you. From our experience this gives our customers piece of mind and limited down time when their new pump arrives.

What is included with my new Pump?
– Graco XTR-7 Spry Gun
– 15mtr Hose
– Suction Hose
– Hose

The Difference Between Air Assisted Airless and Airless
Airless spraying uses a high-pressure fluid supply for atomization without the use of compressed air. It is typically used for medium to high viscosity fluid as it delivers a lower finish quality but is perfect for speed and transfer efficiency. Whereas Air Assisted Airless uses a high-pressure fluid for atomization and compressed air at the cap for pattern control it sprays medium to high viscosity fluids for a finish quality better than airless.

Additional information

Additional information

Pump Ratio 35:1
Operating Pressure250 bar
Required CFMMinimum 15
Volumetric Flow per Double Stroke70 cm³/DS
Material Temperature5-80°C
Ambient Temperature5-60°C