Dry Filter Spray Booths

Do I need a spray booth

The first point to touch on here is the law. The control of substances hazardous to health regulations 2002 (COSHH) requires employers and self-employed to control the risks from harmful substances used or produced at work. The UK has a workplace exposure limit (WEL) for isocyanates of 20 micrograms per cubic metre, but it’s advisable to reduce this as far below the limit as practically possible.

What are Dry Filter Spray Booths

Dry filter spray booths are the most commonly used type of booth for paint spraying extraction. The beauty of this booth type is that its very adaptable depending on the product you spray and your available space. Dry filter booths ultimately come in 4 styles; Standard, Centrifugal Fan, Bench Booth, and Low Level.

The Standard Dry Filter Spray Booth offers all you need for basic spray extraction. Comes in a range of sizes with many extras and options and can be bespoke made for your specific requirement. Meets BS EN16985:2018 as a minimum in terms of construction and extraction

The Centrifugal Fan Dry Filter Spray Booth offers all benefits of the standard booth but you also get some bonus features including significantly reduce noise levels and greater efficiency, therefore providing a nicer work environment whilst saving you money.

Our Bench Dry Filter Spray Booths have all the features of the standard booths but made as a bench. These booths are great for spraying smaller parts, product testing and R&D.

Lastly is the Low Level Extraction Units. these are basically standard booths but are only 995mm high. These are commonly used in large steelwork spraying where the products are to big fit into a booth, these units will give you great extraction whilst remaining out of the way.