Adler Bluefin Terra-Diamond

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  • Water-based and water-thinnable
  • Environmentally friendly paint
  • Made from 85% renewable or natural raw materials

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Bluefin Terra-Diamond

The Bluefin Terra-Diamond is a water-based, transparent, natural matt, multi-layer, 2-component furniture varnish made from 85% renewable or natural raw materials, with a VOC content of under 6%.

Product Features

Bluefin Terra-Diamond is water-thinnable has excellent chemical and mechanical resistance as well as very good cream and fat resistance. It has very good transparency, good standing on vertical surfaces and excellent resistance to yellowing. It is free from Plasticizers, formaldehyde and heavy metals

Suggested Applications

Bluefin Terra-Diamond is for indoor use and can be used for painting heavily used surfaces in furniture and interior design, such as hotel and school facilities, kitchen and sanitary furniture. This paint is sweat and saliva resistant making it suitable for children’s toys, and can also be applied directly onto oak without green discolouration.

Additional information

Additional information

Degree of GlossG5
HardenerAqua-PUR-Härter 82221