Adler PUR-Antiscratch HQ Lacquer

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  • 4kg
  • Free of aromatic compounds
  • Good mechanical and chemical resistance

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Adler PUR-Antiscratch HQ Lacquer
Adler PUR-Antiscratch HQ Lacquer is a high quality 2K polyurethane clear coat based on acrylate resins. It has very good mechanical and chemical resistance, extremely high surface hardness and excellent scratch resistance due to the use of new, innovative raw materials. This lacquer is lightfast and contains a combination of special UV filters with a high light protection effect, which protects the wood substrate and any stains used against premature yellowing for fading. It is also free of aromatic compounds.

Who is Adler PUR-Antiscratch HQ Lacquer for?
Adler PUR-Antiscratch HQ Lacquer can be used to coat furniture and interior finishing exposed to high levels of stress, for example, tabletops and shelves in kitchens, living areas, bathrooms, offices in the contract sector, fronts and permanently visible areas, surfaces used on seating furniture and not permanently visible areas.
Adler PUR-Antiscratch HQ Lacquer produces a very scratch-resistant protective coating, it can be used in hardly flammable or flame retardant coating systems

How to use Adler PUR-Antiscratch HQ Lacquer
Adler PUR-Antiscratch HQ Lacquer will need stirring before use, and you will need to mix 10 parts by weight of Adler PUR-Antiscratch to 1 part by weight of Adler PUR Hardener 82019. Once mixed this product will need to be used within 8 hours.

Additional information

Additional information

Sandable and RecoatableAfter Approx. 2 Hours
Moveable and StackableDrying Overnight
Final Hardness and Scratch ResistantAfter 1 – 2 Day

In order to improve the firmness of the subsequent coat, we recommend drying overnight at room temperature.
The figures indicated serve as a guide and are for reference. The drying time depends on the substrate, coat thickness, temperature, air exchange and relative atmospheric humidity.