Atomize Standard Dry Filter Spray Booth

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  • Complete Extraction Kit
  • Top, side, or rear extraction
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Atomize Standard Dry Filter Spray Booth

Our Atomize standard dry filter spray booths offer you the latest in extraction technology meeting BS EN16985:2018 as a minimum in terms of construction and extraction.

Do I need a spray booth ?

The first point to touch on here is the law. The control of substances hazardous to health regulations 2002 (COSHH) requires employers and self-employed to control the risks from harmful substances used or produced at work. The UK has a workplace exposure limit (WEL) for isocyanates of 20 micrograms per cubic metre, but it’s advisable to reduce this as far below the limit as practically possible.

Obviously using more environmentally friendly products like water-based coatings etc.. reduce the risks caused by things like isocyanates but a spray booth still offers the extraction of overspray keeping the environment cleaner helping to create a better finish and better working conditions for the operator.

So what’s included in this package ?

So when purchasing a standard dry filter spray booth from Elmbridge UK it comes at a height of 2250mm with width options available above. It has a 1000mm deep canopy, belt-driven axial fan (size and power determined by the size of booth required), a DOL starter, and a free andreae filter. Also at no extra cost, you can have the fan located either on the top, side, or rear of the booth.

Lighting, ducting, and inverters are available separately.

What about ducting ?

Ducting is sold separately. There are 5 options here, spray booth ducting but if these don’t work with your plans then please contact us to discuss your requirements. One other thing to note is that motor sizes on the spray booths are based on a standard 3 metre ducting run.

What do I do about installing my booth ?

Our prices do not include an installation cost as there’s so many variables with installation. We would strongly advise getting your booth installed by a qualified installation team rather than a DIY approach. These guys are able to cope with any common issues that may arise and also will leave you knowing that it’s installed and functioning properly. This will also help with future LEV testing etc… Please contact our team by email or phone to get an installation cost.

Additional information

Additional information

Width (mm) Height (mm) Ducting Size (mm) No. of Fans Motor Size (kW)
2000 2250 560 1 1.5
2500 2250 630 1 2.2
3000 2250 710 1 3.0
3500 2250 710 1 3.0
4000 2250 710 1 4.0
4500 2250 710 1 4.0
5000 2250 630 2 2.2
6000 2250 710 2 3.0
7000 2250 710 2 3.0
8000 2250 710 2 3.0