Jotun Alkydprimer

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  • Matt Finish
  • One Component
  • Good adhesion properties

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Jotun Alkydprimer
Jotun Alkydprimer is an easy to use one component product featuring good adhesion properties and surface tolerance.

Who’s Jotun Alkydprimer for
Jotun Alkydprimer can be used as a primer or mid coat in atmospheric environments. It is recommended for touch-up purposes in the marine industry and can be used on a wide range of industrial structures. It is suitable for use on carbon steel, aluminium and wooden substrates that have been correctly prepared.
Alkydprimer can be applied using air or airless spray, brush, or roller. Care must be taken to achieve the specified dry film thickness.

Pros & Cons of Jotun Alkydprimer
Jotun Alkydprimer is a single pack product making it quick and easy to use, however, being a single pack product, it will not give as durable finish as a two-pack product.

Costs of Jotun Alkydprimer
Jotun Alkydprimer would normally cost between £6 and £9 per litre. There are 2 main factors that affect the costs of this products. Firstly, the colour chosen and secondly the quantity purchased with larger quantities i.e., 20 litre tin over against a 5 litre tin, the cost goes down.

Additional information

Additional information

Dry Film Thickness30-50 µm
Wet Film Thickness60-95 µm
Theoretical Spreading Rate17.3-10.4 M²/L
Surface (touch) Dry @ 23ºC2.5 Hours
Walk-On-Dry @ 23ºC6 Hours
Dry to Over Coat @ 23 ºCMinimum 16 Hours

This information is given to the best of Jotun’s knowledge based on lab testing and experience