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Jotun Resist 78

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  • 11.6 Litres
  • Includes Hardner
  • Heavy duty primer

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Jotun Resist 78
Jotun Resist 78 is a two-component moisture curing inorganic zinc ethyl silicate coating which is fast curing and very high zinc dust containing. It provides excellent corrosion protection as part of a complete coating system and is heat resistant up to 540°C.

Who’s Resist 78 for
Jotun Resist 78 is to be used as a primer in atmospheric environments on properly prepared carbon steel substrates only. It is suitable for structural steel and popping to be exposed to highly corrosive environments and recommended for offshore environments, refineries, power plants, bridges, building and mining equipment. Resist 78 is specially designed as a primer in coating systems where extended durability is required.
Jotun Resist 78 can be applied using air or airless spray or a brush is recommended for stripe coating and small areas with care taken to achieve the specified dry film thickness. To avoid settling of heavy zinc, continuous mechanical stirring during application is recommended.

Pros & Cons of Jotun Resist 78
– Fast curing
– High zinc dust
– Excellent corrosion protection
– Heat resistant up to 540°C

– Need to Mix Both Parts
– Needs to be used within 8 hours of being mixed (at 23 ºC)

Additional information

Additional information

Mixing Ratio9 Parts (comp A) to 2.6 Part (comp B)
Pot Life Once Mixed @ 23ºC8 Hours
Dry Film Thickness50-90 µm
Wet Film Thickness70-125 µm
Theoretical Spreading Rate14.4-8 M²/L
Surface (touch) Dry @ 23ºC15 Minutes
Walk-On-Dry @ 23ºC30 Minutes
Dried Cured for Service @ 23ºC4 Hours

This information is given to the best of Jotun’s knowledge based on lab testing and experience