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Marathon Primathon MIO

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  • Fast drying and high build
  • Excellent anti-corrosive protection
  • Improved intercoat adhesion

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Marathon Primathon MIO
Marathon Primathon MIO is a fast-drying, high-build coating which contains micaceous iron oxide. It has excellent anti-corrosive protection and provides improved inter-coat adhesion. With its quick drying properties, production times can be sped up which increases efficiency for painting contractors.

Who is Marathon Primathon MIO for?
Marathon Primathon MIO is for shop or site application where excellent abrasion and water resistance is required. After being mixed well it can be applied by airless or conventional spray or with a brush or roller, if using a brush it can be applied to damp surfaces. Primathon MIO can be overcoated with white spirit-based decorative paints.
Marathon 737 Industrial Thinner can be used to clean used machinery and thin this coating.

Additional information

Additional information

Hard dry @ 23°C8 Hours
Surface Dry @ 23°C1 Hour
Overcoating Minimum @ 23°C16 Hours

The information above is correct to the best of Marathon Coatings knowledge based on laboratory tests and practical experience. The quality of the product itself is the only thing that can be guaranteed.