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Marathon Primathon Sheen Primer

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  • High build
  • Increased UV protection
  • Contains active anti-corrosive pigments

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Marathon Primathon Sheen Primer
Marathon Primathon Sheen Primer is a high-build, zinc phosphate primer, with sheen characteristics which give this product increased UV protection and maintains a consistent finish ideally suited to exposed surfaces. Primathon Sheen contains zinc phosphate active anti-corrosive pigments

Who is Marathon Primathon Sheen Primer for?
Marathon Primathon Sheen Primer is an anti-corrosive primer for steel in moderate, non-aggressive environments. It is ideally suited to exposed steelwork in agricultural/industrial buildings or structures where a topcoat is not necessary.
This product needs to be mixed with a mechanical agitator before use and can be applied by airless or conventional spray, brush, or roller. Make sure the surface to be painted is clean and dry before application. The product can be thinned using Marathon 737 Industrial Thinners and this can be used also to clean used equipment.

Additional information

Additional information

Surface Dry @ 18-21°C15 Minutes
Dry to Recoat @18-23°C2-4 Hours

The information above is correct to the best of Marathon Coatings knowledge based on laboratory tests and practical experience. The quality of the product itself is the only thing that can be guaranteed.