Mirka Polarshine Polish

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Mirka Polarshine Polish
Mirka Polarshine Polish is a water-borne silicone-free polishing compound designed to quickly and permanently remove sanding scratches from P1500 and finer on all types of surfaces, depending on the polishing pad.

Polarshine 8 Polishing Compound
Polarshine 8 compound has been developed as a one-step polishing compound for OEM industry applications in combination with Polarstar SR finessing discs. Polarshine 8 is optimized to have a well-balanced aggressivity and achieve a very high gloss level in normal 2K and 1K Clear coats and Top Coats. Polarshine 8 is recommended to be used with our foam pad for OEM, Polishing pad 77 x 20 mm white.

Polarshine 10 Polishing Compound
An ultimate single compound system. Polarshine 10 is a medium coarse polishing compound specially designed for achieving the best result after sanding with Mirka’s unique products. Polarshine 10 is suitable for all paint systems and for polishing of scratch-resistant clear coats. It is designed to keep the surface temperature low when polishing and it removes marks permanently. Polarshine 10 is silicon free and can be used for both machine and hand applications.

Polarshine 25 Polishing Compound
Polarshine 25 is a compound for polishing gel coats. It is suitable for polishing and removal of sanding marks from P800 and finer after sanding with Mirka’s unique products. Polarshine 25 is suitable for machine application.

Polarshine 35 Polishing Compound
Polarshine 35 is a coarse polishing compound developed for demanding Industrial and Marine applications. Polarshine 35 is suitable for materials such as gel coats, high gloss lacquers and composites. This product has a faster and more efficient compound and produces a high surface gloss. By using Polarshine 35 you are able to minimize the sanding steps. This polishing compound has special emulsifying properties, which reduce the risk of drying out or overheating the surface. The viscosity of Polarshine 35 reduces splashing and is easy to use.

Polarshine Liquid Nano Wax
Polarshine Liquid Nano wax is efficient and easy to work with. It gives a good finish and excellent results on dark colour surfaces. Easy to clean up the residue. Leaves no colour staining on the paint finish.

Polarshine E3 Glass Polishing Compound
Polarshine E3 is designed for polishing out scratches on glass surfaces. It can be used on standard window glass as well as on hardened glass. Polarshine E3 removes marks permanently and is suitable for most glass types. This product is silicon free. Recommended storage temperature: 15° – 25° C, 59° – 77° F.