Remmers Aqua AG-26 Universal Exterior Primer

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  • Very good adhesion to the substrate
  • Corrosion protection C3 long according to DIN EN ISO 12944-6
  • Reduces yellow stains caused by water soluble substances in the wood when light shades of finishing coat are used
  • Can be overcoated with many products: (see system products)
  • Low solvent, environmentally compatible, mild odour

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Remmers Aqua AG-26 Universal Exterior Primer

Adhesive primer for metals, rigid plastics and wood, with rust protection and sealing action against substances contained in wood.

What is Remmers Aqua AG-26 used for?

AG-26 is designed for use with:

  • Primer and intermediate coat
  • Metal substrates, e.g. (galvanised) steel, pure aluminium, copper, brass
  • Rigid PVC
  • For use on interior and exterior wood
  • Wood types rich in active substances such as ash, Hevea, oak, whitewood/yellow poplar
  • Solid wood & veneers

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