Schushine™ Maxitrol Mobile Drying System

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  • Quick to Install
  • Cheap to Run
  • Fast to Dry

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The Schushine™ Maxitrol Mobile Drying System

Provides a range of long wave retro-fit infrared gas catalytic emitters for rapid drying and curing of liquid finishes in a kit form. Certified for a Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous location.

What Are The Benefits of The Schushine™ Maxitrol Mobile Drying System?

Schushine™ Maxitrol Mobile Drying Systems are totally safe – flameless combustion and explosion proof and will run from propane, butane or natural gas. They are quick to install, cheap to run and result in very fast drying to speed up your process. Can also be used as spray shop heating!

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