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Wagner GM5000EAC Electrostatic Spray Gun

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  • Robust Design
  • High Safety Standard
  • Excellent Finishing Quality


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Wagner GM5000EAC Electrostatic Spray Gun
Wagner GM5000EAC Electrostatic Spray Gun is a high-pressure, 250 bar, 80kV electrostatic spray gun which is an excellent application tool for the coating of high-performance products quickly and efficiently. With an 80kV power generator, it will give greatly reduce overspray and improve painting conditions once changing from conventional spraying. It can be fed from a high-pressure piston pump to allow large coating projects to be carried out effectively. Often used in equipment manufacturing for industries such as agricultural, aerospace and industrial.

The Wagner VM 5000 power pack couples up with the GM5000EAC spray gun to produce an Electrostatic package. This unit offers the operator the ability to adjust the voltage charge to the paint resulting in greater control for difficult projects.

Included in this package 
– Gun
– Power pack
– 7.5 metre hoses.