Adler Brilliant-Metallic 900ml

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  • Solvent-based
  • Achieves creative, brilliant metallic surfaces
  • Real metal-like properties

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Adler Brilliant-Metallic

Solvent-based metal effect paint for industrial and professional use – achieving creative, brilliant metallic surfaces in the furniture and interior finishing sector.

Adler Brilliant-Metallic

For the creative coating of furniture surfaces in the living area (also kitchen) and interior finishing with real metal-like properties.
For the industrial large-scale coating of furniture and interior finishing exposed to normal levels of stress such as bedroom suite and living room furniture.

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Additional information

Additional information

To be applied over primed and sanded surfaces, approved primers include:

Adler Isospeed (2K WB PU)

Sayerlack TU148 (2K SB PU)

Milesi LBR15 (2K SB PU)


For increased durability, Brilliant-Metallic can be lacquered over, approved lacquers include:

Adler Legnopur (2K SB PU)

Adler PUR-Antiscratch (2K SB PU)