Jotun No. 23 Thinners

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  • Improve Paint Flow
  • Can be used to clean equipment
  • Thinner for Tankguard epoxy coatings

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Who is Jotun No. 23 Thinners for?
Jotun No. 23 Thinners are designed for Tankguard epoxy products and can also be used as a cleaner of pumps and tools after and before painting.
When thinners are used as a cleaning solvent, the use must be in accordance with prevailing local regulations. We would advise checking your paints data sheet to see the recommended thinner to use.

Costs of Jotun Thinners
Jotun Thinners commonly cost between £5 to £9 per litre depending on which thinner you require and what quantity you are looking to purchase. Again, the data sheet for the paint you are using will tell you the correct thinner to use.