Remmers Aqua MSL-45/sm Medium Build Stain UV+

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  • Non-drip
  • Weather-resistant and UV-resistant
  • High UV protection for light colours and clear UV+
  • Silk matt

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Remmers Aqua MSL-45/sm Medium Build Stain UV+

Aqua MSL-45/sm is an exterior, decorative water-based medium-solid gel stain with very high UV protection for universal use on interior and exterior wood.

  • Dirt-repellent and easy to maintain
  • Block resistant (in accordance with Code of Practice HO.03)
  • Good flow properties
  • Free from film preservation and wood protection biocides
  • Elastic

What is Aqua MSL-45/sm used for?

Aqua MSL-45/sm is for:

  • Interior and exterior wood
  • Dimensionally stable wood building elements: e.g. windows and doors
  • Wood building elements with no dimensional stability: e.g. fences, framework, carports, planking
  • Wood building elements with limited dimensional stability, e.g. folding shutters, matchboarding, summerhouses
  • Biocide-free topcoat on impregnated wood, e.g. garden furniture
  • Clear UV+ can also be used as a sacrificial layer over pigmented variants to prevent the wood from darkening

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