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Wagner PEM-X1 Powder Coating Gun

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  • Hardy and robust.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Combines balance and durability


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Wagner PEM-X1
Wagner PEM-X1 is a manual powder coating gun which combines balance and durability and is not any less hardy or robust even though it is lightweight and easy to handle.

Who is Wagner PEM-X1 for?
Wagner PEM-X1 sets the standard trend for all kinds of surfaces used today in powder coatings. This gun improves perfection and precision even further and the product philosophy combines a balanced finesse on all levels with long life expectancy and optimal handling.

Benefits of The Wagner PEM-X1
The Wagner PEM-X1 weighs only 490g making it light and with its ergonomic design, it enables fatigue-free working.
The integrated remote control allows a quick adjustment of the powder quantity and with just a double clock on the trigger, you get a quick change to a special recipe. Factory-set recipes can be assigned individual parameters.
The integrated high-power cascade keeps the high voltage stable even at 100kV ensuring high coating performance. Using this cascade characteristic curve adjustment, even powder coating that is difficult to charge can be coated efficiently.
The integrated cascade cooling ensures a long service life and durable performance.

Additional information

Additional information

Operating Temperature5°C-45°C
Powder OutputMax. 450g/min
Input Voltage22V
Air Inlet Pressure Range3 bar