Wagner Puma 28-40 Air Assisted Airless Sprayer Outfit

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  • Includes hoses and gun
  • High-pressure piston pump
  • Offers a reliable performance


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Wagner Puma 28-40 Air Assisted Airless
Wagner Puma 28-40 Air Assisted Airless is a stainless-steel, high-pressure piston pump for airless and AirCoat applications of up to 220 bar 2.4l/m.

Who is Wagner Puma 28-40 Air Assisted Airless for?
Wagner Puma 28-40 Air Assisted Airless is ideal for both solvent and water-based paints, 1 and 2 component materials, primers, fillers, topcoats and separating agents.

Benefits of The Wagner Puma 28-40 Air Assisted Airless
The Wagner Puma 28-40 Air Assisted Airless offers a reliable performance, and the use of stainless steel, hard chrome plated piston rods and valve seats made of hard metal ensures a very long service life of the pumps regardless of the material used. The parts are also durable, and the quick disassembly reduce and simplify the effort required for maintenance work.
Thanks to the extremely fast and sensitive switching valves the pumps operate with extremely low pulsation even at low working pressures

How do I know my Pump is going to work?
When you purchase a Spray Pump from Elmbridge UK we will have fully assembled and tested it before it is dispatched to you. From our experience this gives our customers peace of mind and limited down time when their new pump arrives.

Additional information

Additional information

Operating Pressure250 bar
Required CFMMinimum 15
Volumetric Flow per Double Stroke40 cm³/DS
Material Temperature5-80°C
Ambient Temperature5-60°C
Inlet Air Pressure2.5-8.0 bar

Common Set-Up

Common Set-Up

Standard Pump Setup
The most common setup for the Wagner Puma Pump is a suction hose  (part 44 in the parts list), a 7.5-meter hose set, and the Wagner GM 4700 spray gun. All these parts are included in the Wagner Puma 28-40 Air Assisted Airless Sprayer Outfit. Also available with Hopper instead of suction hose.


Parts List



Parts List

Parts List (click to go to part)

Wagner 0367505 Piston£331.10
Wagner 0367509 Valve Seat£95.00
Wagner 169248 Relief Valve Assembly£158.11
Wagner 2309972 Pressure Regulator Valve£59.92
Wagner 2310635 4" Edge Ball Valve£220.61
Wagner 2322467 Inlet Housing£110.00
Wagner 2324116 Suction Hose DN25 St/St£180.00
Wagner 2328606 Pressure Regulator£378.46
Wagner 2328611 Aircoat Regulator£158.00
Wagner 2329898 Sealing Sleeve£1.85
Wagner 2341175 Manometer with Air Regulator£40.95
Wagner 3514058 Spring£2.00
Wagner 367503 Cylinder£180.00
Wagner 367511 Snap Ring Flange£75.00
Wagner 367525 O-Ring£4.50
Wagner 367528 O-Ring£2.61
Wagner 367529 Coupling£54.95
Wagner 367530 Spring£8.82
Wagner 367531 Separating oil cup stroke 75£25.22
Wagner 367532 Coupling Cover£10.26
Wagner 9941513 Ball (Large)£5.48
Wagner 9955863 O Ring£5.00
Wagner 9971137 O-Ring£1.22
Wagner 9971313 O-Ring£3.44
Wagner 9974166 O Ring£4.18
Wagner Manifold Filter£8.95

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