Adler AquaFix Metal Powder

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Adler AquaFix Metal Powder
Adler AquaFix Metal Powder comes in various different metal finishes and can be used to achieve real metal effects on surfaces made from wood-based materials.

Who is Adler for?
Adler AquaFix Metal Powder is for coating furniture and interior finishing exposed to normal levels of stress for example tabletops and shelves in homes, fronts and permanently visible area, surfaces used on seating furniture and not permanently visible areas.

Mixing and Cleaning
To use this product, you need to mix 250 parts by weight of Adler AquaFix Metal Powder to 105 parts by weight of paint or paint/hardener mixture. Carefully incorporate the AquaFix Metal Powder into the paint/hardener mixture by stirring without forming lumps. Stirring is best done my machine using a basket agitator.
Used equipment is to be cleaned with water immediately after use.

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