Wagner Flex Control Smart Mixing and Dosing System

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  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • Almost unlimited number of options for use
  • Time-saving and error preventing

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Manufacturer: Wagner
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The Wagner Flex Control Smart is a new, electronically controlled 2-k mixing and dosing system. Electronic mixing guarantees consistently optimal mixing accuracy and quick recipe changes. Electronic mixing means you only have to mix as much as you need so reduces any waste considerably, also the simple operation saves time and prevents operating errors.

Gun Features

The accessible and practical touch display makes selecting recipes simple and convenient for a quick start and the setup process also takes place via this display.

Additional information

Additional information

System Voltage 115 / 230 VAC
Mixing Accuracy ± 1%
Mixing Ratio 0.1:1 – 50:1
Material Pressure 1-250 Bar
Material Viscosity 20-2200 mPas
Flow Rate 50 – 3000 cc/min
A Components (base) 5 max
B Components (catalyst) 2 max
C Components (third additive) 1 max
Flushing Agent A 2 max
Flushing Agent B 2 max
Size (W x H x D) 530 x 1325 x 340mm